Watering your trees

Trees are among the most important parts of our property and they can make up a substantial part of the landscaping. Like any living thing, trees can experience problems with illness and injury so it is important for the property owner to do their part in keeping the tree healthy. It may require a little bit of work on your part and it certainly would require you to pay careful attention to the way the tree is growing. When you are able to keep the tree healthy, it will last for many years. Here are some tips that will help you to get started:

Water but Not Too Much – One of the problems that many homeowners have is watering the trees too frequently. When you first plant a tree, it may be necessary to water it every day for a few weeks but then you can let the trees survive on its own. For the most part, the tree will be able to obtain its own water and the only time you will need to intercede is in times of severe drought.

Be Cautious When Digging – If you are doing any digging in the nearby area of trees, you could easily hurt the tree by injuring it and run the risk of killing it. The construction may seem like it is taking place far away from the tree itself but remember that the root system can extend out as much as three times the size of the tree top. When you are doing any work near a mature tree, make sure that you keep far away from it.

Be Cautious When Weeding – It can be tempting to run through the yard with a weedeater, going as fast as possible to get through with this necessary task. The problem is, you may be damaging the tree by cutting into the bark, in effect, cutting off the supply of water and nutrients to the top of the tree. Be very careful when you are doing any type of work around the base of the tree so that you don’t damage the bark.

Prune Cautiously – There is going to be very little pruning that is necessary for a mature tree. It is a good idea to remove any damaged or dead branches or to keep suckers from shooting up at the base. The real key, however, is to let the tree grow naturally and avoid pruning too much. When you prune too frequently, it could make it susceptible to damage and disease.

Inspect the Property Regularly – One other tip that is vitally important for healthy trees is to inspect the property and look at the trees closely. Check for any type of insects that may exist on the branches or leaves and look for any type of disease that may be taking place, usually seen on the trunk or the leaves. Identifying any problems such as these early will give you a much better opportunity to care for the issue and correct it