Tree Planting

Would you like to plant a new tree on your property? Perhaps you would like something smaller like a shrub. These are very easy to plant, but you have to do this the proper way for them to survive. It’s also not just about their survival the first few years. The way that you plant them initially is going to determine how tall they grow, and how robust they become. Here are a few of the best ways that you can plant a tree or shrub.

How To Plant A Tree

The first step of the process is to identify the flare of the tree trunk. Once that is done, you will then dig a very broad hole that is relatively shallow. It should be no more than 2 feet deep, and you must plant the tree in the whole with compost and dirt mixed at the bottom. This should be watered down, and then you will be ready to put the tree in. The tree roots of the tree are typically wrapped and those need to be uncovered. By cutting the twine, you can then place that into the hole. You will then cover the remainder of the roots up to the surface, pressing down firmly to make sure it is secure. However, since the tree is younger, it will not have a root system to hold it. That is why you must place a stick or pole adjacent to the tree, and tie it. This will ensure that the tree will go straight, and the roots will begin to grow as you water it over the next few weeks.


How Do You Plant A Shrub

Planting a shrub is very similar to how you would plant a tree. It always begins with digging a hole. It should also be relatively shallow, and wide to give the roots plenty of room to grow outward and then down.



This will allow it to have the firmest a root structure. You will also place compost with dirt that is saturated in the hole before putting in the root ball. Once you have covered it up, you then must water the shrub immediately just as you did with the tree. This will give the roots the nutrients and water that will be necessary for them to grow. It is also recommended that you add a stick or pole adjacent to the shrub to tie it off so that it also grow straight.