Fertilizing Trees

The health of your tree often depends upon the type of soil that is planted in. Many people will add fertilizer and manure to give the tree plenty of nutrients. Although compost might be added regularly, people often forget to fertilize their trees on a continual basis. They may have heard that fertilizer may not be the best focus for trees that are young, but that might not be true for older ones. These tips from fertilizing trees during the early spring months will show you how and when to do this properly.

What Type Of Fertilizer You Trees Need?

The type of tree that you have will determine what type of fertilizer would be best for the tree. For example, if you have a spruce tree, they are going to need high quantities of phosphorus in order to stay healthy. On the other hand, if you have Evergreen trees, nitrogen is the key to maintaining their health. You can find fertilizer at local stores, or you can order this online, allowing you to get the proper fertilizer for your particular type of tree.

Why Should You Do This In The Early Spring

If you do this in the early spring, it is beneficial for three reasons. First of all, this is the time when trees are coming out of their dormancy. They are going to need more nutrients and fertilizer to kickstart their entire system. From that point on, they are going to grow branches very rapidly, and they will also produce leaves and fruit in some cases. Second, fertilizer can help improve the overall immune system of a tree, regardless of the type that it is. Finally, it allows the tree to grow in a healthy consistent manner. Trees that are struggling to obtain fertilizer from the ground can often grow erratically simply trying to survive.

Where Can You Get The Fertilizer To Give Your Trees?

Obtaining the fertilizer is the easy part. You can find all of this online. You can order it and then pick it up at your local home improvement store. There may also be nurseries in town, with experts that are on staff to help you. They can answer any questions that you may have if you do not know what type of fertilizer would be best. In some cases, you can find discount coupons on the web. You can provide this to the different businesses. Once you have purchased your fertilizer, and early spring arrives, you will then want to put this on the ground with a generous amount of water to saturate the soil.

It is also recommended that you combine compost with the fertilizer. Some people find that this allows the proper balance of nutrients to go into the roots. Younger trees can actually suffer greatly if only fertilizer is used, and that’s why this mixture is highly recommended. If this is done during the early spring, you are giving your tree the best chance of becoming a much larger healthy tree.