7 Things to Know When Planting a Tree

Any type of landscaping is going to help beautify the yard but when it comes to planting a tree, that is when we make a real difference. Trees are not only big and beautiful, they also last for many years. If you are planting a tree in your yard, the following seven things should be understood before you get started.

Trees are delicate – one of the often overlooked things about trees is the fact they can be quite delicate. That is especially true when they are young that have not yet been planted in the ground. You need to be cautious that you don’t handle them too roughly and that is especially true of the root ball. If you do handle it too roughly, it will likely be sickly when you first plant it and it may not survive.

Plant in the fall – although it certainly is possible to plant in the spring or summer, fall may just be the best time of year to do any planting of trees. It is when the roots have the opportunity to see substantial growth as they are preparing themselves for the dormant winter. Don’t get caught up in preparing your landscaping for the winter without making sure to add a few trees. You will love the fact that you added them in the spring.

Dig a Hole Big – Rather than digging the hole to match the size of the root ball, it’s important to ensure that it is at least two or three times as big as the root ball. The larger size helps for a number of different reasons but perhaps the most important reason is that it has the loose soil in the nearby area so the roots can grow outward.

It needs water – when you plant a new tree, you will have to water it every day. The tree is going to soak up the new water rather quickly but watering it every day also has another benefit; it compacts the soil. If you don’t water it regularly, you could end up with root rot because of air pockets in the soil.

Trees need support – when you first plant a tree, you will have to support it by tying it to a stake. Smaller trees could benefit from a single stake but larger trees may need up to three stakes for proper support. Make sure that you don’t tie the tree too tightly to the new stakes.

Trees need protection – when the tree is younger, it is more likely to experience problems from wildlife and insects. It is important to protect the tree properly as a result.

Trees Can Get Sick – One other thing to keep in mind when planting a tree is the fact that it could get sick easily. Keep your eye on the tree for any changes that are occurring in the bark, tree leaves or the general look of the tree. If you are able to identify a problem with sickness early and is more likely to be cared for properly.